– New home for Thoughts and Notes

My personal blog of various thoughts and notes is now in my own domain and site  Please visit that site if you have interest.  For blog wonks, the new site is also WordPress-based.

Also, I have recently obtained — mostly for future use — a couple other domains, you are welcome to visit: and  Just miscellaneous placeholder stuff there now but possibly something interesting later.

The domain and site lives on providing an internet-existence anchor and links to the others.


Greener pastures

Cruise on over to  This is my new location for future posts and other content.

Update: was pretty nifty but I settled down to hosting my own WordPress-based blog at  Take a gander if you have interest.


“Beets Me” and the search for easy code/markup posting

This is the first post to — so happy that I could grab “beetsme” as a blog domain on wordpress for synergy with my long-time (but minimalistic) homepage

As a new blogger, I’ll be experimenting with how best to post code/markup snippets.

Here’s a random bit of markup (looks like wordpress escapes it automatically — yippee!)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>
 <!--Ant buildfile generated by Oracle JDeveloper-->
 <!--Generated Aug 2, 2007 4:44:51 PM-->
 <project name="QCIDGatewayClient" default="all" basedir=".">
 <property file=""/>
 <path id="library.Oracle.XML.Parser.v2">
 <pathelement location="${oracle.home}/lib/xmlparserv2.jar"/>
 <pathelement location="${oracle.home}/lib/xml.jar"/>
 <path id="library.J2EE">

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!